Commodore Vic 20 Downloads

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   Rabbit Blitz (19xx)(C. Simun).zip   1,251 bytes  
   Rabbit Chaser (1983)(ABI)(File 1 of 2)[rabbit chaser.b].zip   1,296 bytes  
   Rabbit Chaser (1983)(ABI)(File 2 of 2)[rabbit chaser.f].zip   2,071 bytes  
   Race Fun (19xx)(-).zip   2,161 bytes  
   Race Track (19xx)(Sean and Jack Kruuv).zip   1,520 bytes  
   Racer (19xx)(-).zip   1,147 bytes  
   Radar Landing (19xx)(Cascade).zip   1,624 bytes  
   Raden maar; VIC (19xx)(C. Breyens)(nl).zip   1,144 bytes  
   Raid on Fort Knox - Bank Robber (1982)(Commodore).zip   4,629 bytes  
   Raid on Fort Knox - Bank Robber (1982)(Commodore)[a][no load-address].zip   4,668 bytes  
   Rail (1982)(The Code Works).zip   2,507 bytes  
   Rail (1982)(The Code Works)[a].zip   2,514 bytes  
   Raket (19xx)(-)(nl).zip   705 bytes  
   Raket (19xx)(-)(nl)[a].zip   713 bytes  
   Raket Kommando (19xx)(-)(nl).zip   1,470 bytes  
   Rat Hotel (1982)(Creative).zip   5,933 bytes  
   Rat Hotel (1982)(Creative)[a].zip   5,947 bytes  
   Rat Hotel (1982)(Creative)[a][no load-address].zip   5,981 bytes  
   Rattenvanger (19xx)(-).zip   1,063 bytes  
   Reactoid (1985)(Craig Bruce).zip   1,178 bytes  
   Red Alert (19xx)(-)(nl).zip   1,416 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)(File 1 of 2).zip   3,015 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)(File 1 of 2)[o].zip   3,081 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)(File 1 of 2)[o][no load-address].zip   3,114 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)(File 2 of 2).zip   3,101 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)(File 2 of 2)[no load-address].zip   3,134 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)(File 2 of 2)[sd].zip   3,054 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)[1 part].zip   5,711 bytes  
   Renaissance (1982)(Umi)[o][merged].zip   5,822 bytes  
   Rescue (19xx)(-)(File 1 of 2)[rescue.b].zip   488 bytes  
   Rescue (19xx)(-)(File 2 of 2)[rescue.f].zip   1,777 bytes  
   Resistor Decoder (1986)(507).zip   1,018 bytes  
   Reverse Polish Notation (19xx)(-).zip   1,194 bytes  
   Rhino (19xx)(-).zip   1,683 bytes  
   Richthofen's Revenge! (19xx)(-).zip   2,494 bytes  
   Rijtest (19xx)(Courbois)(nl).zip   1,374 bytes  
   River Rescue (1982)(Thorn Emi).zip   4,756 bytes  
   River Rescue (1982)(Thorn Emi)[a].zip   4,764 bytes  
   River Rescue (1982)(Thorn Emi)[h].zip   4,762 bytes  
   River Rescue (1982)(Thorn Emi)[h][no load-address].zip   4,796 bytes  
   River Rescue (1982)(Thorn Emi)[h][o].zip   4,812 bytes  
   Road Driver (19xx)(Andrew Galluchon).zip   1,142 bytes  
   Road Racer (1985)(Andrew Galluchon).zip   1,909 bytes  
   Road Toad (1982)(Nibbles & Bits).zip   2,523 bytes  
   Roader (19xx)(-).zip   1,176 bytes  
   Robin Hood (1983)(Xonox).zip   4,179 bytes  
   Robot (1985)(B.W. van Schooten)(File 1 of 2)[robot-a].zip   1,014 bytes  
   Robot (1985)(B.W. van Schooten)(File 2 of 2)[robot-b].zip   1,947 bytes  
   Robot Panic (1982)(HES).zip   5,277 bytes  
   Robot Panic (1982)(HES)[a][no load-address].zip   5,315 bytes  
   Robot Panic (1982)(HES)[o][a].zip   5,291 bytes  
   Robotron; 2084 (1983)(Atari)(File 1 of 2)[o][b][load-address].zip   2,791 bytes  
   Robotron; 2084 (1983)(Atari)(File 1 of 2)[o][no load-address].zip   2,791 bytes  
   Robotron; 2084 (1983)(Atari)(File 1 of 2)[sd].zip   2,702 bytes  
   Robotron; 2084 (1983)(Atari)(File 2 of 2).zip   5,574 bytes  
   Robotron; 2084 (1983)(Atari)[merged].zip   8,045 bytes  
   Robotron; 2084 (19xx)(19830)(File 2 of 2)(Atari)[no load-address].zip   5,621 bytes  
   Rocket Command (19xx)(-)(ver 2).zip   1,815 bytes  
   Rocket Command (19xx)(-).zip   1,031 bytes  
   Rocket Command (19xx)(-)[a].zip   1,082 bytes  
   Rotation (19xx)(-)(de).zip   1,790 bytes  
   Rubik's Cube (19xx)(F.M. Club).zip   1,573 bytes  
   Rugby (19xx)(H. Nakano).zip   1,527 bytes  
    - Total of 63 Vic 20 files starting with R

Contents is Copyright of it's respectful owners. All software is deemed to be public domain, shareware, freeware, abandonware and freely distributable, mainly from the archive (et. al.). I provide these files for historical and archival purposes because the Vic 20 was my first computer. Do not download files if you are not legally allowed to in your country. I downloaded these files from the internet over the past 10 years and provide them free of charge, without warranty and un-modified. If you are a copyright owner, please email so I can remove any files that are a concern. Long live the Vic-20!. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

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