Commodore Vic 20 Downloads

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   LADS Assembler - SYS 48641 (19xx)(-)[sd].zip   3,408 bytes  
   Label Maker (1984)(Craig Bruce).zip   442 bytes  
   Labyrintti (19xx)(-).zip   1,835 bytes  
   Ladders (19xx)(Martin Lightfoot)(File 1 of 2)[Ladders].zip   2,709 bytes  
   Ladders (19xx)(Martin Lightfoot)(File 2 of 2)[Ladders1].zip   445 bytes  
   Lair, the (1982)(Soft Toys).zip   10,845 bytes  
   Laivanupotus (19xx)(-).zip   4,199 bytes  
   Laser Barrage (19xx)(-)(Nl, En) [File 1 of 3][laser barrage].zip   3,605 bytes  
   Laser Barrage (19xx)(-)(Nl, En) [File 2 of 3][laser char].zip   1,684 bytes  
   Laser Barrage (19xx)(-)(Nl, En) [File 3 of 3][laser.b].zip   339 bytes  
   Laser Zone - SYS 8192 (1983)(Llamasoft).zip   6,882 bytes  
   Lazer Zone (1983)(HES).zip   5,420 bytes  
   Lazer Zone (1983)(Llamasoft).zip   5,743 bytes  
   Leeuw Printer (19xx)(-).zip   2,437 bytes  
   Letterpuzzel (19xx)(C. Majoor).zip   734 bytes  
   Liefde Is Printer (19xx)(-).zip   2,734 bytes  
   Life (1983)(Joachim Stolte)(de).zip   1,422 bytes  
   Life (1983)(Joachim Stolte)(de)[a].zip   1,428 bytes  
   Lightning Sort (19xx)(-).zip   1,054 bytes  
   Lijntjes (19xx)(-)(nl).zip   665 bytes  
   Lijntjes (19xx)(-)(nl)[a][.prg].zip   686 bytes  
   Liner (19xx)(-).zip   991 bytes  
   Lite Bike (1983)(Cascade).zip   1,213 bytes  
   Little Kong (19xx)(-)(de).zip   1,604 bytes  
   Loan Calculator (1981)(Commodore).zip   2,256 bytes  
   Loan Calculator (1982)(Commodore).zip   2,080 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(File 1 of 2).zip   4,628 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(File 1 of 2)[h][no load-address].zip   4,666 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(File 2 of 2).zip   5,447 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(File 2 of 2)[h].zip   5,453 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)(File 2 of 2)[h][no load-address].zip   5,485 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)[h][b](1 of 2)[load-address].zip   4,657 bytes  
   Lode Runner (1983)(Broderbund)[merged].zip   9,824 bytes  
   Looper (19xx)(David Thacker).zip   1,642 bytes  
   Looper Part 2 (19xx)(-).zip   1,525 bytes  
   Lost Dutchman's Gold (19xx)(-).zip   7,827 bytes  
   Lotus Esprit (19xx)(-).zip   1,199 bytes  
   Lucifer Spel (19xx)(-)(nl).zip   1,386 bytes  
   Lucy Lizard (1982)(Nanuq)[h].zip   2,029 bytes  
   Ludwig's Lemon Lasers (19xx)(Alan Stankiewics).zip   2,655 bytes  
   Lunar (19xx)(Creative).zip   1,587 bytes  
   Lunar Lander (1983)(Cascade).zip   1,622 bytes  
   Lunar Lander (19xx)(Addcom).zip   1,495 bytes  
   Lunar Leeper (1981)(Sierra)(File 1 of 2).zip   2,323 bytes  
   Lunar Leeper (1981)(Sierra)(File 1 of 2)[o].zip   2,386 bytes  
   Lunar Leeper (1981)(Sierra)(File 1 of 2)[sd].zip   2,331 bytes  
   Lunar Leeper (1981)(Sierra)(File 2 of 2).zip   6,154 bytes  
   Lunar Rescue (1983)(Rabbit)(File 1 of 4)[lunar rescue].zip   367 bytes  
   Lunar Rescue (1983)(Rabbit)(File 2 of 4)[zzlr1].zip   4,449 bytes  
   Lunar Rescue (1983)(Rabbit)(File 3 of 4)[zzl2].zip   318 bytes  
   Lunar Rescue (1983)(Rabbit)(File 4 of 4)[zzlr3].zip   6,380 bytes  
    - Total of 51 Vic 20 files starting with L

Contents is Copyright of it's respectful owners. All software is deemed to be public domain, shareware, freeware, abandonware and freely distributable, mainly from the archive (et. al.). I provide these files for historical and archival purposes because the Vic 20 was my first computer. Do not download files if you are not legally allowed to in your country. I downloaded these files from the internet over the past 10 years and provide them free of charge, without warranty and un-modified. If you are a copyright owner, please email so I can remove any files that are a concern. Long live the Vic-20!. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

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